Wynner Sports

Wynner Sports opened in August 2015 to provide professional skate sharpening, repairs and product knowledge to the athletes of Brampton, Caledon, Bolton and surrounding areas.

Products sold in store are Hockey, Baseball and Football related.  We perform skate sharpening and repairs on site. Ask about our product sourcing services as well.

John Wynne the owner and proprietor of Wynner Sports has worked for over a quarter of a century in the Sporting Goods industry.  He has worked at such places as Pro Hockey Life, Just Hockey SFS, Golf Town, Canadian Tire and was the last GM of Sports Unlimited prior to closing its doors at the end of 2014.

John has lived in Brampton for almost 40 years.  During that time he and his family have been long time members of the sports community.  As participants, coaches and members of the various sports organizations and their executive leadership.

Custom Apparel

At Wynner Sports we understand Teams, Associations, Schools, Leagues and their needs. We have provided many teams and leagues with all their apparel and product needs and we aim to be your supplier of choice.

We offer a full range of products and services that will meet the demands of everyone. Here is just a sample of items we can offer: Game Jerseys & Practice apparel; equipment bags; water bottles; Coaches supplies; off field/ice apparel including track suits, jackets, t-shirts, hats, toques, shorts, technical clothing options and much more.

We offer Design & Artwork services for new and current team and company logos; Full Quality Service for Silk Screening, Thermofilm, Embroidery and Twill.

We also offer design services and production for Sublimated products that include: jerseys, shorts, pants, socks, hats, hoodies and much more.

For more information regarding our Team Sales services, please contact : John Wynne at wynnersports@gmail.com or call 289-569-1783.

Products - Hockey, Baseball & Football

Wynner Sports has in just a few short months become the reliable partner with many top names in the sporting goods industry.

We have accounts and can sell products from Bauer Hockey, CCM Hockey, BarDown Apparel, Warrior Sports, Elite Hockey, Powertek Sports, GRAF Canada, Shock Doctor, Cutters Sports and many more. We have also secured exclusive distributorship of products in the area from VH Hockey, Frontier Hockey and York Simcoe Sports.

We aim to be the store of choice for athletes playing Hockey, Baseball and Football!

Part of our agreements also allow us to sell discounted and clearance items. But if there is something you are looking for and cannot locate, then give us an opportunity to source it for you.

Skate Sharpening Univeristy

Skate Sharpening University (SSU) is the ultimate Facebook Group for Pro Shop Owners and Skate Sharpening Techies who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in the Art & Science of Equipment Management. As of January 04, 2016 we have over 200 members with diverse backgrounds from Canada, the U.S., Europe and Russia. Come join us, but only if you want to be the best.

We are currently exploring a way to unite as a Buying Group. If you wish to discuss sales opportunities with this group please email me at wynnersports@gmail.com.

Skate Care

It is understood that skating is the most important skill in hockey. Where and how your blades hit the ice is where it all happens.

Our knowledgeable technicians use the latest cutting edge tools and methods. We have earned the reputation as the go to place for the right edge, the perfect contour, customized balance, customized fit and a full range of repairs. If your skates don’t feel right or you just need some repair we can take care of it for you, professionally and cost effectively.

John Wynne, our owner has been sharpening skates in Brampton for over a quarter of a century!  

  • SHARPENING (the right edge for you):

Many hockey players do not appreciate the importance of a proper skate sharpening which is somewhat of an art form that you either ‘get’ or you don’t get. We offer expert, professional skate sharpening of the highest quality. We have state of the art Blademaster skate sharpening equipment and very strict staff training policies. Our technique has been studied and taught for years and we ‘get’ it. Which radius is right for you? 3/8″, 1/2″ or 5/8″? Please do not hesitate to ask our sharpeners on the difference and science behind each radius,


Are you a goalie? We know you’re a different breed and so is your sharpening! We have stayed up with the changing goalie styles and equipment. This includes a change in culture on sharpenings. Not too long ago a flat or 1” cut was the norm. With the butterfly style goalies have wanted more bite in their skates. So they are getting sharper and sharper. Whereas 3/4” is now the norm.


Brampton is home to one of the largest figure skating clubs in Canada. We get requests daily about if we sharpen Figure Skates? And the answer is YES! While we do not handle competitive girls. We do offer standard sharpening. With the steel wider similar to goal skates, we tend to use and offer a 3/4” radius. We can remove toe picks and check the rivets for sturdiness.

  • CONTOURING (to fit your stride):

You should always contour (Aka; Custom radius, rocker), your new skates or replaced runners. It helps ease the transition into new skates. Some new blades are pretty square right out of the box. Contouring helps give you more of a natural skating motion and a smoother crossover with improved turning ability. We will maximize skate performance.
What is right for you? Is it forward or neutral contour? 11ft or 13ft radius. We’re trained to help you figure that out

  • Skates should be sharpened approx. every 4 – 5 hours on the ice.
  • Skates should be contoured once or twice a year depending on how often they are sharpened.
  • Keep your skates dry! Always open up your boot between wearing to air your skate out.
  • Remove the insoles as well.
  • Let them breathe!! Wipe the blade down after use. Never store your skates with the plastic or rubber guards on (For walking only), plastic and rubber will trap the moisture in.
  • Fleece or cotton guards are great for storing your blades because they draw the moisture away from the blade.
  • This is all done to keep your skates light, to prevent your blades & rivets from rusting and to prevent boot rot.